My Inspiration

My vision as an artist silversmith and why I love silver

As an artist silversmith, I simply love the creative process of designing and making an object for the first time. My desire is that a finished piece should feel like a beautifully composed piece of music, able to be spiritually uplifting, emotionally stirring, inspiring and beautiful.

I feel motivated by a sense of wonder about the world around me and my hope is that I will be able to draw from the incredible magic of creation and be able to somehow capture a little of its essence in my work.

Silver has the ability to capture many different emotions, always challenging and extending the boundaries of my creativity. I seek to make pieces in which I hope to convey a sense of organic form, incorporating sensuous surfaces, creative movement and flow.

Above all things, I celebrate the joy and challenge of working to a commission. I love bringing to life, for the commissioner, a personal piece that is able to delight, move and fully realise the vision of what they had hoped for.