All Golds is an exhibition to celebrate alumni of the Birmingham School of Jewellery from 1971 to 2011 This exhibition has been curated by Terry Hunt as a celebration of his 40 years involvement with learning and teaching at the School.

Exhibitors include designers, artists, makers, gallery owners, academics and retailers from all over the UK, as well as Germany, Italy, Norway, Israel, South Africa, USA, Chile, Thailand and China.

Each of the 100 exhibitors is represented by two items – one student piece and one more contemporary.

The two objects titled ‘Buddy and Bosom’, represents one of the works I made while as a student at the Birmingham School of Jewellery. Reflecting back on my earlier works, there is a common theme of organic references that I continue to develop in my work to this day.

The two pieces titled, ‘Awakening I’ and 'Awakening II', made in 2010, are inspired by the idea that all plant life begins with a seed and that within that seed lies such a wide range of possibilities. The pieces are designed to open out so that the owner is able to hide within it items that are precious to them.

The exhibition is a wonderful confirmation of how the institution has helped to develop the link between creativity and entrepreneurship over the last 40 years; showing the School’s significant influence not only on the business of craft and product in the West Midlands but also throughout the world.