Collect returned to the Saatchi Gallery for the fifth time. An international art fair selling contemporary objects made in ceramics, glass, wood, textiles, metal, mixed materials from the world’s finest galleries.

It is always an honour for me to exhibit with Bishopsland at Collect and I am grateful for their invaluable support of my work and career as an artist silversmith.

For a good while I had a real desire to make some giant leaf forms as a progression of my designs that have taken inspiration from the natural world. The Collect 2013 Fair gave me the ideal opportunity to realise this vision and put into the public domain scaled up versions of my leaf form designs.

Whilst I had hoped that there would be interest in the giant leaf forms, I was delighted by the positive response of the public to these pieces and the fact that they had all sold by the time the exhibition had closed was a wonderful surprise.

A special thank you must go to Mary Le Trobe Bateman for curating the show and for all her support and involvement in the sale of all my pieces at Collect this year.