Theresa in the press

2016 Waterfront
2014 T magazine
2013 Daily Post
2011 The Birmingham Post
National Trust | arts | buildings | collections
Silverstruck exhibition catalogue
Mindful of Silver exhibition catalogue
Goldsmiths, May
Country Life
Homes & Property
The Spectator
2010 NADFAS Review, Autumn
The jeweller, May
BBC WM Mornings with Joanne Malin Mon, 7 Jun
ITV Central News reported by Sameena Ali-Khan Mon, 7 Jun
Daily Post, Silver stars, Feb
Silbertriennale exhibition catalogue
Denbighshire Free Press, Silver lining to craft centre, Feb
The Goldsmiths Review 09/10
Goldsmiths, Jan/ Feb, May, July
2009 NADFAS Review, Spring
The Goldsmiths Review 08/09
Goldsmiths, July
2008 The Irish Times, Oct
Treasures of Today catalogue
Goldsmiths, May
The Virtual Gallery of Contemporary Fine Metalwork
NADFAS review, Summer
The Jeweller, June
2007 BBC News, Feb
The Birmingham Post, Feb
J-dex, June
2006 Gazeta Lodz, July
The Hockley Flyer, July
Jewellery in Britain, Feb
Silver Magazine, Jan/Feb
2005 J-dex, Dec/Jan
The Hockley Flyer, Dec
Radio 4, Woman’s Hour, Dec
The Great Barr Observer, Oct
Goldsmiths Review, 05/04
Brilliantly Birmingham Catalogue
Craft Council Makers News, Winter

Listed are just a few examples of my presence in the media. A full archive is under development.

If you would like to get in touch with me regarding interviews or for featuring my work please contact me.

High resolution images are available for use in press articles and gallery publicity. Please contact me for permission.


Designer's Guild

T magazine

designer spotlight

Daily Post

National Eisteddfod 2013

The Birmingham Post

Exploring the nature of silver

National Trust | arts | buildings | collections

Unpacking the past to link with the present

Country Life

featuring the Parissa centrepeice

Homes & Property

Understanding the making of beautiful things

The Spectator

Mindful of Silver Exhibition featuring the 'Spiritus' piece