The Commissioning Process

Commissioning a uniquely designed silver piece is both a creative and collaborative journey between the client and the silversmith. The aim is to create a piece that delights the client, reaching if possible beyond what they might have first imagined. In order to achieve this, the silversmith must be able to deeply listen to and make a personal connection with the vision that the client has for the piece and the purpose for which it is being created.

For me there is nothing more exciting than that first contact, when a client takes the first step and makes known their desire to commission a new piece of silver. There is a wide spectrum of possibilities at this stage. The client might not have a clear vision for the piece or the client may have a range of possible design ideas or even have a very specific vision in mind. Whatever the starting point for the client, I love working together with them to come to a point of clarity about the design that will enable them to fully realise the purpose for which the silver piece is being created.